Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Following the recent tragic events in the Iloilo–Guimaras Strait on 3 August 2019 where 3 boats sank killing 31 people, Stronghold Insurance Company, Inc. promptly gave burial and hospital assistance to the victims’ families. The boats Chi-chi and Keziah, both protected under Stronghold Insurance by Jordan Motor Banca Cooperative, carried a total of 43 passengers and 9 crew members — 11 of which died, leaving the rest injured. Upon being notified of the accident, on 5 August 2019, officers from Stronghold Insurance’s Iloilo Office together with their Area Manager Ms Irene Azarraga personally coordinated with then MARINA’s Iloilo Regional Director Joey Victorio. They afterwards travelled to Guimaras the same day for a meeting with Jordan’s Chairperson Ofelia Canja along with other executive members. As soon as a proper assessment of the incident was done with the relevant authorities, Stronghold met up with the families of the victims to offer financial assistance and compensation. The families of the 8 deceased victims were already provided an initial burial monetary assistance, while the burial aid for the other 3 families, at the time of writing, are in the final stages of release. The insurance coverage for each of the victims comes to Php 200,000. The medical expenses of the others injured were also indemnified by Stronghold. While no monetary amount can ever make up for the lives lost and harmed, Stronghold aims to extend help and relief to the best of its capabilities at times like this.

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